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ellecrossing's Journal

A Place for Crossover Fanfiction with Elle Bishop
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Elle Bishop Crossover Fanfiction
Welcome to Elle Crossing. A friendly community for those users who enjoy crossover fan fictions, art pieces or mixes. More specifically those who enjoy crossover fan works that involve the lovable sadist, Elle Bishop from the hit T.V series Heroes.

1. There is no limit to what fandom you cross but all works must include Elle one way or other. In other word she should be an important character in your piece.

2. All fan work must be placed under lj-cut's. If you don't know how please refer to this link. Graphic posts may have three teasers, place all others below the cut.

3. When posting fanfiction/fan art, rate all stories accordingly: G to NC-17. It is also asked that for safety purposes all posts rated NC-17 be friend locked.

4. There will be no bashing of pairing choices or shows. We are a friendly community, here with a common interest in reading crossovers. We do not want drama.

5. Feedback on entries is encouraged. No flames, constructive criticism is very much encouraged.

6. Please keep all entries on topic, off topic posts are to be subjected as such.

7. If you wish to advertise your own community please contact bringthefate. Once she approves you, you may advertise your community.

8. And remember have fun! ^_^.

A little guide for posting fanfiction: it would be nice if you included the following.

Subject line: Fic: Title - Rating - Pairing. (ex. Fic: Of Webs and Rose Petals - PG-13- Elle/Spider-man.)

Word Count:
Author Notes:

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